Who is reading and engaging with your content?
How do your documents look on an iPhone?
Is making documents time consuming? Expensive?


Use our innovative content editor to create documents from your web browser.

Our modular approach to content makes it easy to construct complex layouts.

Easily embed video and social media widgets.


Our platform is end-to-end which means you are able to publish documents right from within the platform.

Use our integrated CRM or allow us to integrate with yours, to make the process smooth and simple.


We can tell you who is reading your content but also whether they are engaging with it.

Are your readers going past the front page?

You could also trend activity over time for a client. Find out early whether they are losing interest!


Bringing documents to the web opens up new possibilities.

Create interactive charts to tell a story and keep them engaged.

Display video right in the document. Allow users to share images and content.